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High School Diploma, GED Test Preparation.



High School Diploma, GED Test Preparation.

You can earn your adult high school diploma by equivalency examination or by traditional correspondence study for students ages 16-adult.

No matter when or why you left high school, you now have the opportunity to earn your high school diploma online. Simply complete and pass the High School Diploma Equivalency Test or complete your traditional grades 9-12 program and receive your diploma in about 2-6 weeks.

High school program consists of completing and passing a recent version of the GED (
General Education Diploma) Exam. There is only a small testing fee for the graduate package you will need until you pass the exam ( Online GED testing service).

The cost for the entire program is very reasonable  convenient but   vary from  one school to another.
The traditional program consists of completing full length semester courses and obtaining enough credits to graduate.

Power of the Internet, has allowed schools to reach thousands of students' worldwide. Depending on your level of knowledge in the areas of English, The Math,Science and Social Studies, the GED  high school diploma test may require some study time,so visit school's  book store for helpful material that will help ensure you pass the online high school equivalency test.

Some schools offer the High-school diploma  on the basis of prior Knowledge and  Life  Experience. All you have to do is to show  your work or life experience in the relevant field of interest to get your high school diploma. If you do not have any experience, then  you can take a simple and easy online equivalency test and become eligible to earn your high school degree online .

You can receive this accredited diploma without taking admission in a high school, attending classes, and submitting assignments.

Eligibility Requirements for the High School Diploma  ( based on Work/Life Experience ):

The eligibility of students seeking to get enrolled in  online high school diploma program is checked on the basis of:
1. Any Work/life experience in the relevant field of interest

2. Online Equivalency Test held by Belford High School

On the Basis of Experience:

If you would like to enroll in  high school diploma program on the basis of experience, you are required to have at least 2 years of work or life experience relevant to your desired area of interest.

* Prior job experience in any field

* Previous educational achievements

* Employer-sponsored training and attendance of workshops

* Participation in organizations, both professional and non-professional

* Personal goals, lifestyle, hobbies, and travel

* Participation in volunteer activities and community service

* Independent reading, viewing, listening, or writing

Forget about trying to squeeze GED programs into your busy schedule! If you have the required work or life experience, click below to apply for a diploma and get it in just 7 days!